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Simposio World Sailing en Mar del Plata

Agenda Oficial Simposio World Sailing 2017

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Presentamos la agenda oficial correspondiente para el Simposio de Desarrollo de Vela 2017 – World Sailing  – Federación Argentina de Yachting 

El simposio a desarrollarse en Mar del Plata a fines de este mes, ya tiene su cronograma. Con la colaboración del Yacht Club Argentino y el Club Náutico de Mar del Plata, se llevará cabo este evento en Argentina, en el cual se discutirán todos los temas relacionados con el desarrollo de la navegación a vela en el mundo.

Thursday 26th January
0900 – 0930 Delegate Registration
0930 – 1030


Rob / Abbie

Official Welcome to the 2016 World Sailing Development Symposium

·         World Sailing Training and Development Team

·         Federation Argentina de Yachting President; Luis Velasco

·         Federation Argentina de Yachting Head of T&D;


1030 – 1100 Agenda / Questionnaire

·         Run through the agenda and what will be covered during the Symposium

·         Complete a short questionnaire on Symposium expectations


11 – 1115 Tea and Coffee Break
1115 – 1200


Rob / Eduardo

World Sailing – Rob Holden / Abbie Hewitt

This presentation will introduce you to the structure of World Sailing, the structure of the Training and Development Department, the programs and courses we deliver as well as the events. This presentation will conclude with each MNA having a clear understanding of who to contact within World Sailing and how to create a development plan to enhance sailing back in their home nation. (Small chat from Eduardo introducing himself and his vision)

1200 – 1230


Luis V

Argentina Sailing Development

A presentation from Luis Velasco on Sailing in Argentina within the last quadrennial and moving forward (Their Development)

1230 – 1330 Lunch
1330 – 1400



Argentina National Olympic Committee

Developing and maintaining a strong relationship between the National Olympic Committee and your MNA is essential. The Argentinian National Committee will present on how they develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in their country



Tim / Eduardo

Coaching Framework

How can structuring the development of sailing coaches in both ‘Participation’ and ‘performance’ domains, aligned to the World Sailing Coaching Framework, provide benefits to the National Sail Training Program of a National Federation? (What we are looking for each nation to have)

*Discussion and hand out what does there’s look like now – compare, does your local club adhere to this

1500 – 1530


SA Rep


A session conducted by UNISEF expanding on the importance of Safeguarding and protecting Children in our sport.


1530 – 1600 Tea and Coffee Break
1600 – 1700 Break Away discussion

Discussion on a chosen topic from the pre-symposium questionnaire

1930 Dinner to be hosted by World Sailing (Smart Casual)
Friday 27th January
0900 – 0930 Welcome
0930 – 1000





ICCE Coach Development

We all understand the importance of coaches but how do we keep them progressing? The International Council for Coaching Excellence will deliver a presentation and case studies on coach development and the effect it has on performance.

*Group Discussion on this area (what your MNA already does – how it could improve)

1030 – 1045






Race official Education

World Sailing recognizes the importance of establishing a pathway for you sailors and coaches but have they considered Race Officials? World Sailing will give a presentation on how your MNA an increase its number of Race Officials to ensure performance Sailing is Key in your country and region

*Group Discussion on this area (incorporating it into your development plans)

1115 – 1130 Tea and Coffee Break
1130 – 1230




Para World Sailing Development

An introduction to Para World Sailing Programs and best practise examples

To hear from the Argentinian Para Olympic coach about the PDP program 2017

*Break out groups to discuss Para World Sailing in your MNAs to identify potential      within your MNA (equipment, coaches, sailors)

1230 – 1245 Emerging Nations Program

An over view of the Emerging Nations Program (ENP). The structure of the program and how it can benefit Emerging Nations, the effect it had in 2016 and what we hope to achieve in the future for sailor’s coaches and their MNAs. 

1245 – 1400 Lunch Accompanied by Emerging Nations Program Video (extended edit)
1400 – 1430





A presentation of how World Sailing is moving forward with sustainability, incorporating World Wide Case studies and ideas (11th hour / homemade)

*Break out session identifying what your MNA already does and what it could incorporate into its programs.

1500 – 1530 World Anti-Doping Agency and Anti – Corruption

What you, your MNA, Coaches and Sailors should be aware of

1530 – 1600 Tea and Coffee Break
1600 – 1615 Overview of the day

The World Sailing team invites all delegates to ask questions and give feedback

1700 – 2000 Interactive Class Association Sailing Session
2000 Beach BBQ hosted by Argentina


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